Day 1 - AM -
Conflict and Healthcare
  • Welcome, Introductions

  • EX1 - Alligator River 1

  • HC1 - The Nature of Healthcare: Systems Analysis

  • RP1 - Billing Practices 2

  • CR1 - Conflict and Intro to IBN

  • Introducing Briarwoods

  • HC2 Language of Conflict

  • SG1 - Setting and Agenda / Looking at Interests

  • Negotiation exercises

  • RP 2 - Willie Osler's Cousin

Day 1 - PM
Communication Standards
  • Telling our Stories / Homework 3

  • EX2 Building Healthcare Solutions

  • HC2 Language of Conflict

  • CR2 - Legitimate Standards

  • SG2 - Using Legitimate Standards to Resolve Differences

  • RP3 - Healthcare Merry-Go-Round

  • Communication exercises

  • Feedback and Debrief

Day 2 - AM
Collaborating to Generate Options
  • Stories/successes

  • EX3 Who gets the lung?

  • HC3 Uneven healthcare tables

  • RP4 Drug Seeking Behaviour - or not?

  • CR3 Dispute Resolution Continuum

  • Group exercises

  • HC2 Language of Conflict

  • CR4 Generating Options and Counting Camels

  • SG3 Generating options for mutual gain

  • RP5 No more room at the inn for Ethel

  • Communication options game

Day 2 - PM
Responding to Healthcare Error
  • Stories / Homework

  • EX4 Inactive listening
  • RP6.0 Helen's dilemma

  • HC4 To Err is Human

  • RP6.1 Harold's dilemma

  • HC5 Challenging Conversations

  • EX4 Healthcare Prisoner's dilemma


  • SG4 Finding common ground

  • Feedback and debrief

  • Reception

Day 3 - AM
Putting it All Together
  • Stories and successes

  • RP7 Showdown in the ICU

  • CR6 Mediation process: tactics/strategies/styles

  • SG6 Mediating Briarwoods

  • Debrief

  • CR7 When the People are the Problem

  • Mediation exercise

  • HC6 Healthcare CR Speed Bumps

  • Feedback/Graduation

Day 3 - PM
ADR Works in the Real World!
  • Problem-Solving Lab - Analysis and discussion of concrete problems participants are encountering in their workplace. Examples from homework will form the basis of most of the discussion. Faculty and mediation mentors will be present, and participants will be encouraged to use brainstorming, option-building and problem-solving techniques. Lessons of ADR will be applied to concrete healthcare system problems.

  • Taking it all home

  • Final evaluations and feedback

1 The exercises will involve active participation in re-shuffled groups focusing on particular problems, with subsequent discussion by the whole group.

2 All the role plays will focus on healthcare related disputes and conflict situations. Initially they will involve faculty members playing roles but those participants who have expressed an interest in doing role plays will be invited to participate. For each role play there will be some clearly identified IBN skills highlighted (for instance, active listening, re-framing, the use of caucuses, etc.).

3 The "Telling our Stories" segments are intended to allow both faculty and participants to share anecdotes drawn from their experience to illustrate examples of conflict situations they have known, innovative ways of dealing with problems and some of the reasons they have become interested in the field of ADR in healthcare.