An Intensive, Interactive, Conflict Resolution Workshop


Short lectures, small-group sessions, role plays and group exercises illustrate the dynamics of the healthcare system, and demonstrate how to adapt ADR concepts and techniques to resolve common conflicts within the current healthcare culture.

Participant Comments

"High-level conflict resolution skills workshop"
"Integrated conflict resolution with impact of not dealing with risk or patient safety."
"Excellent! Useful! Worthwhile! Lots of skills to use at work."
"Very interactive , great learning experience. Terrific reference materials..."
"Really put us through our paces in terms of trying to look at problems from a different perspective"
"Very well done"
"This was very helpful"

What we offer in our workshops

Course Overview
Course Objectives
Who Should Attend?

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Course Overview

Conflict is a reality in the Canadian healthcare system today. Learn about the causes and contributing factors as well as the most effective ways to engage the parties in a collaborative resolution process. This challenging symposium integrates the theory and practice of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) with recent studies of adverse events, healthcare systems analysis and risk assessment.

The workshop has been designed as a three-day stand-alone experience. We are happy to adapt the content and duration to respond to the specific needs of your group. This may include one-day or two-day sessions as well as workshops directed to the concerns or experiences of specific groups. To see an overview of the three workshopÉ.. (link to curriculum outline)

... curriculum outline

Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The characteristics of the healthcare system that generate conflict
  • The principles of Interest-based negotiation (IBN) and mediation theory
  • Specific skills and strategies to harness the positive power of conflict
  • The appropriate use of mediation/IBN to resolve conflict in healthcare

Who Should Attend?
  • Health care facility managers, administrators and decision-makers
  • MDs, RNs and other healthcare workers with departmental, section and unit responsibilities
  • Health planners, economists and government policy makers
  • Legal counsel and risk managers for healthcare facilities
  • Representatives of professional associations and labour organizations
  • Anyone who cares about positive change in healthcare in Canada